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GRADE 30, 68 and 150


Recommended for the lubrication of all types of roller chains, drive chains, conveyor chains, steel cables, bearings and sliding devices in industry.  Flex Plus is particularly suited to multiple chain drives duplex and triplex large pitch chains.


Extremely high performance roller chain oil with anti friction additives designed to maintain the flexibility of the chain reducing wear and maintenance giving a longer chain life.


Flex plus dries to give a dust repellant coating using the PTFE as the main anti friction additive.


Flex Plus is produced in four viscosity grades 30, 68, 150, and 220 to cover all chain sizes, loads, and speeds.

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Quotations for Dry Lubricant should be made directly to Specialist Lubricants Ltd who will estimate the hardware requirements and arrange supply of the lubricant RM2000T®. Market companies can then either project manage the supply of equipment and lubricant or delegate the installation and supply to Specialist Lubricants or its distributors who can deal directly with the customer.

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