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PAO 220


premium quality product for industrial application. The product is manufactured from the highest quality synthetic hydrocarbon base stock


Excellent load carrying capacity and resistance shock loading.

Good resistance to Oxidation.

Thermally - highly stable.

Excellent resistance to corrosion.

Extended drain intervals.

Suitable for use where incidental food contact may occur


The product is designed for enclosed gear systems and bearings, especially those requiring long change intervals or operating at elevated temperatures.


PAO 220 meets the requirements of US FDA H1 safe for use in areas where incidental food contact may occur.


Flex Plus PAO 220 can be recommended for use in most industrial units requiring an ISO 220 Gear Oil Lubricant.

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Quotations for Dry Lubricant should be made directly to Specialist Lubricants Ltd who will estimate the hardware requirements and arrange supply of the lubricant RM2000T®. Market companies can then either project manage the supply of equipment and lubricant or delegate the installation and supply to Specialist Lubricants or its distributors who can deal directly with the customer.

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