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Line Lubrication – Pumps and Controllers



The Dragon System is a single line lubrication system. It has no need to circulate the lubricant as Specialist Lubricant’s RM2000T® is a stable solution and will not separate under pressure.


The Dragon System can be controlled via the LC30 control system when used on a single line. Where multiple lines are using a single system, the line controllers can operate solenoid valves to each line, opening or closing the feed of lubricant.



The Dragon Pump is extremely compact and versatile and particularly suitable for lubricating presses, reducers, machine tools, guides and chains. The gear pump interlocks the lubrication circuit and is available in two versions: the first has a flow rate of 350 cm³/min (21.3, the second has a flow rate of 500 cm³/min (30.5, both operating at 1500 rpm.

The Dragon pump can be customized according to the different needs of the user thanks to a wide range of electric motors and tanks available. It is also possible to equip the Dragon pump with an Integrated Control Panel (entitled VIP Controller, which allows the transmission of programs using infra-red rays) or with a Manual Control device which has to be connected to a separate electronic equipment. 



A feature packed compact Advanced Lubrication Controller for small and medium lubrication systems.

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