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According to the new legislative proposal to the European Parliament, the food industry will be required to minimize the use of mineral oil MOSH/MOAH.

Specialist Lubricant Ltd has created new RM2000MMF MOSH & MOAH free the only MOSH/MOAH free conveyor lubricant presently on the market.

The solution to this problem
We at Specialist Lubricants Ltd take client and customer safety very seriously and to that end we have produced RM2000MMF (MOSH MOAH Free) and RM2000 CAN MMF to safeguard our clients and their customers from any concerns now or in the future.
The product is compatible with RM2000T and can be introduced into our systems where
it will quickly replace it.
If you have any further questions about RM2000MMF or would like a quotation, please get in touch. 
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RM2000MMF® is synthetic oil based conveyor lubricant consisting of evenly distributed PTFE particles. It was designed for use in food & drink and packaging industries.

 RM2000MMF® was developed to be used as a lubricant for chains and production lines, but it is also recommended as a lubricant for other gliding surfaces in food production environment, drink and packaging.

What is MOSH/MOAH?

Mineral oils are multi component mixtures of hydrocarbons (Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) & Mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH)).


They are mainly used as solvents and are present in heating oils, fuel, lubricants and paints used in packaging industry.


The food contamination arises mostly through contact with packaging materials (the presence of MOSH/MOAH are extremely hard to eliminate in the printing process and impossible with use of a recycled paper)


Another source of contamination is the use of mineral oil based lubricants in the maintenance of conveyors in the food & drink filling and production industries.

How toxic is MOSH/MOAH?

Mineral oils MOSH/MOAH have been proven to have a negative effect on the human body. It continuous to stay a subject of extensive scientific research.


They are suspected of causing chronic inflammation. They are also considered to increase the risk of cancer and negative mutation of genetic structures.


The most worrying is absorption and cumulation of MOSH/MOAH by human body, leading to dysfunction and failure of vital organs.

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