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RM2000T® is an oil based PTFE lubricant which is completely food grade. It is the result of a special process that ensures the Teflon remains in suspension in the oil for long periods. This capability means it can be dosed in small quantities onto the specific conveyer parts where it is needed knowing the Teflon will be where it is required.


  • Saving on fresh water, effluent and chemical costs

  • Elimination of slip hazards

  • RM2000T® replaces water based silicon lubricants

  • Improves friction reduction using PTFE

  • Elimination of damage to packaging and labels

  • Reduction of chain wear

  • Removal of bacterial growth

  • Improvement in production

  • Reduction of unit costs

  • Improvement of the working environment

RM2000T® is the worlds leading dry lubricant for conveyors offering:


Other so-called dry lubricants are aqueous based emulsions of silicone and water, which promotes bacterial growth. RM2000T® has an oil base and is totally inert and will not promote bacterial growth.

Other “dry” lubricants are water miscible and will mix with juice and milk spilled on the line making the chain sticky and increasing friction on the package. RM2000T® cannot mix with spillage and, as it contains PTFE, expels spilled product from the chain.

Other dry lubricants are sold to the customer on “added value calculations”. In other words, the more you save, the more money you will pay for the lubricant and its “free” system. RM2000T® is sold by the litre and our system is guaranteed for 5 years and wholly owned by the customer. This means ALL of the savings and benefits remain with the customer and you only pay for what you use.

RM2000T® against other dry lubricants

RM2000T Dry Lubricant is available in:


  • 6L Boxes (6 x 1L bottles)

  • 10L Boxes (2 x 5L bottles)

  • 205L Drums





Quotations for Dry Lubricant should be made directly to Specialist Lubricants Ltd who will estimate the hardware requirements and arrange supply of the lubricant RM2000T®. Market companies can then either project manage the supply of equipment and lubricant or delegate the installation and supply to Specialist Lubricants or its distributors who can deal directly with the customer.

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